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Silent Decay
Impressum / rechtliche Hinweise

I wish I were not here
I wish I could disappear
From this place of sorrow
From this place where I live
I live your dream
That's my extreme
And in your eyes
It's only ME! - oh no... one whispers to you who I am...
So far away I am from home
So far away I show the strong 'n' mighty tough guy I should be...
...far away, so far from home

Hell left open the doors
for such a fucking long time
meanwhile our land is raped
and overloaded by crime!
Is this my future?
Is this my aim?
And is it possible
to start again?

...and no one whispers how to return...

All black holes I have crossed my way
still have something in common
in every town I pray
I am feeling at home while going to pieces

How will it end? far away...

titus cmm soulfood