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Silent Decay
Impressum / rechtliche Hinweise

You build idols with the good old times
To preach to them more as a priest believe in god
are they gone or are they still alive
And you are all too old our grooves our lyrics our music our hearts
You build big banks from the good old times
To fill them up with money and more

We're back
We're back in the club - like a hurricane
Let's dance
Let's dance to the sound of our DJs
And fight
And fight the daily grind
And we fight from dusk till dawn

See that faces of the past
they look just like yours today
That world around moving too fast
Well on this: You shall remain
No one wants to be that stupid
I was you at the age of eighteen our grooves our lyrics our music our hearts
but now prepare ourselves for the truth
God save the Queen and you within yourself

titus cmm soulfood